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  1. Pin Galarga says:

    Its obvious that neither Arum or Pacquiao wanted the Mayweather fight. A month ago Manny wanted to look like He was willing when He said that He was willing to take the lesser purse in order to make the fight happen. This week that same issue was used to walk away from the table.
    The fact is that Mayweather has beaten better fighters and has earned the #1 P4P fair and square while the runner up has failed to look like the top P4P fighting lesser opposition.
    Also, I believe that the harder fight for both would be against Cotto, who brings far more than the recovering Cotto of a few years ago. Now a free agent, He might not be handpicked this time for the same reasons the double dipper promoter maybe won’t like the risk and might put him against a lesser thread like Peterson or Brady. Either one, Mayweather will once again fight a bigger thread and remain the top P4P.

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