Evangelou will let his hands do the talking

Evangelou remains unbeaten in nine pro outings

Chris Evangelou says that he will do his talking inside the ring as he reacted to comments made by fellow British light welterweight title candidate Curtis Woodhouse – who stated he should get the nod over Evangelou.

Woodhouse criticised Evangelou when his name was put into contention for the belt which was won by Darren Hamilton – when he upset former champion Ashley Theophane last weekend.

Evangelou, who has not spoke about the British title, was supposed to meet Hamilton for the Southern Area belt but due to Hamilton’s last minute opportunity against Theophane the Londoner’s name has been thrown into the hat after the upset.

When UNDISPUTED caught up with Evangelou he explained, “I just try and keep myself to myself but it is funny to hear others talk about you. I was supposed to be fighting Hamilton for the Southern Area title but he has obviously pulled off a big upset. I will still continue to aim for the Area belt. Other people have talked about me in regards to the British title but I haven’t said a word.

(Curtis) Woodhouse wasn’t too happy about it and maybe felt a bit threatened. I will sell tickets in the ring while others try to sell them outside of it.”

The 26-year-old isn’t one to get involved with trash talk between fights but was clearly puzzled as to why others had an opinion about his career, “He is notorious for bad mouthing opponents. His comments were a bit desperate. Maybe he is threatened by me. I will just let my hands do the talking. He should focus on his own career. I have only had nine fights I don’t have any right to big myself up or sound out a British title shot.”

Although the light welterweight talent says he wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to fight Hamilton if given the chance, “I haven’t put myself in the frame but if I was given the opportunity obviously I would fight next week. He is a nice guy and got what he deserved against Theophane but he is now a potential opponent and his victory has given me great confidence in my own ability.”

Evangelou has made an impressive start to his professional career and has picked up nine victories without defeat. The Enfield fighter’s talent has been appreciated both in this country and in the U.S. When visiting America he came back with the nickname ‘Flash’ as they claimed his hands were like lightening.

The London-born Cypriot is aiming to make his first appearance of 2012 after suffering an injury earlier this year, “I am still aiming to fight for the Southern Area title despite Hamilton moving on. I hope to get a fight in the next few weeks. I want to break into the top 10 British fighters in the division by the autumn.

I have got a good few months coming up. I hope to get back in the ring and then I will aim for my first title. I am also scheduled to go over to Las Vegas and train with the Mayweather camp too.”

Chris, the younger of the two Evangelou brothers, believes the pair are on course to be headlining Sky Sports events in the future with promoters Matchroom Sport, “It is healthy competition between my brother and I but we are a team. Everything is going well and we hope Team Evangelou will be a household name next year. We have the best promoter in Eddie Hearn and our aim is to be headlining events on Sky in 2013.”

While others may have a lot to say out of the ring it is clear Evangelou just wants to do his talking with his performances inside of it.

Greg Grimes


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