Oct issue of Undisputed is on Digital news stands now!

Hello UFM Readers,

I would like to announce that the October issue of Undisputed is on digital news stands now.  I am truly sorry for the late start this month however, we tried our best with everything going on to put out the best product we can as we continue to grow.  As most of you are aware our site crashed some weeks back and we have been working vigorously to get back up to full steam.  With that being said I’m am asking ALL of our present subscribers who have paid for a subscription to Undisputed to PLEASE sign back up for a free account.  I have your records and will be able to UPGRADE you back to premium status to review and read our issues going forward.

It is with great excitement that I’d to announce the completion of the UFM apple app, now you can read all of the Undisputed issues on all your Apple devices.  To buy the iPhone, iPad, iPod ect. app please click here.  To start reading October issue of Undisputed please sign in and click here.  To preview the Oct issue for free click here.



George Boley


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