Dawson Stops Hopkins In Controversial Scenes

Chad Dawson has stopped WBC Light Heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins in controversial scenes in the 2nd round in their bout in California.

In the second round Dawson lifted the current champion when they were clinched and threw him hard onto his left shoulder and Hopkins unable to continue.

Before the decision was announced, Dawson was seen to be pissed off and was
verbally attacking Hopkins from the other side of the ring, with most of the crowd and commentators predicting a no contest to be declared.

The referee raised Dawson’s arm giving him the TKO victory at 2:48 of round 2.

After the fight a representative from the California State Athletic Commission said, “The referee never called a foul so it can’t be declared a no contest. We will talk with the referee and then talk to the media.”

Dawson was upset after the fight and when speaking to HBO commentator, Max Kellerman he said, “He was faking, Bernard can’t touch me.” When asked about a rematch he exclaimed “A rematch for what? I want Pascal next.”

A shocked Hopkins said, “I was backing up, and he picked me up by my feet and threw me and I rolled on my shoulder. My shoulder popped up. I told the referee I can continue with one arm and he said no. The referee never told me that if I stopped it would be a TKO. They want me out of boxing and this is how they try.”

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